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    Shanghai Top Smart Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. Currently, the solutions of the smart glasses’ global production for commercial use are all provided by our group. In cooperation with Internet of Things Research and Development Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Top Smart co-founded Smart Glasses Industry Alliance(SGIA) and established Smart Glasses Industry Base(SGIB) in Shanghai. Based on the mission to ‘Build Chinese Own Smart Glasses’ through resource integration, Top Smart is committed to providing the total solution with simple, easy-to-use and high performance modular smart glasses and smart wearable devices, helping customers shorten the product development cycle, reduce investment of the design and

     development, lower down production process threshold, facilitating rapid productization, and improving product yield, and then realizing to reduce production cost. Top Smart plays the role of bridge and integrator in the fast development of electronics industry, through professional SiP (System in Package) and SoM (System on Module) services, Top Smart’s customers can focus more on their own industry application expertise and market demands’ satisfaction, reducing duplication of labor and improving the efficiency of innovation.

           For more than two years, Top Smart and partners have done hardware platform solution modularization, operating system modularization, optical solution modularization, human-machine interaction modularization, image recognition modularization and video streaming cloud platform modularization as “hard-core skills” to continue to improve the kernel of smart glasses, at the same time done the "extension" of interdisciplinary industrial application layout. Top Smart teamed up with leading manufacturers in different fields and industries to guide smart glasses total solutions into more industrial fields, develop various cooperation opportunities, expand more diversified applications, and create innovative experiences of virtual and real integration and somatosensory interaction for users. Through pilot project of application scenarios in various domestic industries and fields, realizing and continuously strengthening the application value of smart glasses.


Company Profile

    Although there are various kinds of smart glasses on the market, there are not many applications that can be put into the B-end industry. The experience effect and the lack of software application are on the one hand, and unable to mass production is also a big bottleneck. Though Top Smart as the solution provider has no own brand of smart glasses on the market, yet we provide our support for the mainstream smart glasses brands on the market. Top Smart is not just prototyping, the customers we support have been delivered in large quantities and are undergoing commercial tests. At the same time, they also customize the design and service according to the application characteristics and the specific business demands of the application groups of different industries in the industrial and medical fields. “The application scenarios in the industry and medical industries are completely different. The industry is also divided into specific manufacturing, fire protection, etc., The manufacturing asks for accurate image recognition technology modules, while the needs for fire protection are modules design for sensing, infrared, etc., all of these need should be combined with specific practical applications that are deeply embedded in the industry. And some harsh application environmental requirements and certification specifications must be also considered one by one. At the same time, the semiconductor component can also be guaranteed for long-term supply.” Li Chuanqing(Tibor Lee), the CEO of the company, stressed that “We are also welcome if a company has more and better technologies and solutions. We could establish a cooperation model and a resource integration, which adapt to each other, to promote together in-depth application of Chinese smart glasses, and work together on the future great strides development of smart glasses in China." 

    In 2017, China’s leading Internet company giants have been negotiating with Top Smart for cooperation, and some have even begun to walk on the road of the pilot project. Because Internet company giants each owns platforms that they're good at and different industry fields application. So the specific direction and content of cooperation with Top Smart have their own characteristics. It is foreseeable that the cooperation with Internet companies in 2018 will further promote the application of the entire smart glasses industry, which make the scenarios application of smart glasses more rich , and give smart glasses higher value.

    At the government level, based on the rise of various characteristic towns, Chinese  Cultural-Creative and Culture-Tourism  industry pays more attention to interactive experience of combining with technology. The government also cooperates closely with Top Smart in some certain projects through smart glasses. By means of the in-depth application scenarios of  Cultural-Creative and Culture-Tourism industry via smart glasses, let tourism and technology all embrace digitization. Through the presentation of recognition and virtual scene of AR/MR smart glasses, users can get a more vivid experience, which is of great value for digitization of cultural assets.

    After the formation of mass production supply chain of various display light sources and optical components in 2017, smart glasses will be rapidly popularized from conceptual niche markets. The widening of smart glasses applications will drive the rapid development of the entire industry. According to the report of Analysis International, after 2018, smart glasses applications will enter a rapid growth period. Tibor Lee said: "Now is the eve of the industry take-off. At present, pilot project of various applications fields of smart glasses are being widely carried out, and there will be more and batter applications in the future. Anything that has value in use will eventually generate huge commercial value." In the future, Top Smart will committed to cooperating with partners of different industrial chains to introduce smart glasses overall solutions into more industrial fields, develop various cooperation opportunities, expand more diverse applications, and penetrate in the depth and breadth of the industry, so as to excavate out more efficient working methods and more commercial application value.

Smart glasses Application scenarios 1: Industry 4.0

     From mechanized industry 1.0 to standardized industry 2.0, to automated industry 3.0, to today's informational and intellectualized industry 4.0, virtually every industrial upgrading is a technological revolution around cost and efficiency.  Therefore, when we go to realize the information visualization of Industry 4.0, the first thing we need to solve is how to intelligently enable "people" to fully exert their effectiveness in the manufacturing chain, so as to solve the problems of high operating costs and low work efficiency in business operations.

   Thanks to the development of augmented reality (AR), AR smart glasses were born. As a new solution for intelligent equipment, real-time overlay real-world scenes and digital content through AR smart glasses. It could present the required information (data, video, pictures, drawings, etc.) on the scene in the first-person view, such as the real-time collected detected data, the detailed steps of the specific operation, the real-time recording of the observation results, etc. It can even be guided and consulted synchronously by the remote video transmission from the experts who are not at the first site.

    Maintenance of industrial equipment often requires waiting around the clock. But senior engineers can't stand by at any time. Once the malfunction occurs and cannot be eliminated in time, it will cause huge losses. Now,you only need to wear smart glasses to get remote assistance from engineers. The staff can carry out the work while receiving remote instructions on the spot. They could achieve the same effect as the engineers come to the site for repairs. With smart glasses and industrial maintenance solutions, maintenance personnel can also follow the instructions of the glasses to learn the existing workflow or perform the operation. No need to flip through the manual or train, even newcomers can get started quickly. With smart glasses and component recognition solutions, the wearer aligns the glasses camera with the parts that need to be scanned. The smart glasses display information about the relevant parts and operating instructions, helping the wearer to quickly understand the corresponding information of the parts and positions, indicating the completion of the workflow. They liberate hands and improve efficiency.


    With the development of industrial Internet of Things and big data, a large amount of data is generated in the production process. Currently, data is centrally monitored and managed through the data center. Through wearable smart glasses, on the operation site the data can be acquired and presented in front of the users’ eyes at any time and anywhere. 


Smart glasses Application scenarios 2: On-site Operational Inspection

        Wind power operation maintenance industry also has various problems such as high operation  maintenance cost, lack of senior technicians, weak implementation of management system, hidden dangers of wind farms, and bad environmental climate of wind farms. Smart glasses can undoubtedly provide an integrated solution in the power plant inspection, which not only liberates the inspectors’ hands to reduce the operational risk, but also solves the problem on the spot more quickly through remote expert collaboration.

        By wearing smart glasses, everything saw by the maintenance staff at the job site will be presented real-time in front of the back-end experts’ eyes. With the instant video communication function of smart glasses, experts or senior personnel without being on the spot still can guide others to carry out repair and maintenance hand by hand. Even if the on-site maintenance personnel are not familiar with the damaged equipment, they can liberate their hands to repair easily under the guidance of a remote expert or cloud intelligent system. Or download directly the equipment maintenance manual, smart glasses could know the product model and maintenance records through scanning the machine. If there is any question, the maintenance staff at the job site can check the relevant models directly from the manual and ask for help from the remote support. This can greatly reduce engineer training costs and training cycles.

Smart glasses Application scenarios 3: Mechanical Maintenance

        Through the remote expert system, experts can communicate real-time with the on-site workers. Experts can instantly understand the on-site problems through smart glasses, so as to propose solutions and guide workers to carry out repairs. For example, when repairing a car, the junior technician can use the document visualization function of the smart glasses to watch and listen to the car maintenance training course real-time, so as to learn knowledge in an high-efficiency way.

Company profile

Smart glasses Application scenarios 4: Logistics Picking

        Through smart glasses real-time scanning the logistics items, the product information is clear at a glance, replacing the traditional hand-held scanning code machine. It is undoubtedly powerful for the express industry, and convenient to quickly select items in the various packages, and carry out warehouse management efficiently.

Smart glasses Application scenarios 5: Museum Guide

        Through smart glasses, visitors can see the 3D restoration model of cultural relics upon the original text description. Through the illustrated way, visitors will have a more detailed understanding and greater interest in historical relics and ancient cultural relics. In the world-famous Brescia Museum (Greece), visitors can see the 3D restoration model of ancient Greek architecture on the original broken wall through smart glasses vividly, as if they were among the historical scenes 2000 years ago, it is a brand new tour experience for tourists. Smart glasses can not only display the restored 3D effect, but also can display the commentary of the tourist attractions through subtitles and attractively narrate the historical humanities behind the building to the users through the sound system. Visitors from different countries with different cultural backgrounds can experience the precious content of the museum, for museums, which is an ideal way to significantly improve the satisfaction of tourists.

Smart glasses Application scenarios 6: Medical Rescue


        Famous doctors or famous hospitals conduct surgery live broadcast, it provides first perspective of doctors for expert consultation, operation guidance, and students’ teaching. The multi-screen content of medical instruments is integrated displayed on the glasses, helping doctors to liberate their hands and concentrate on surgery. Doctors can grasp patients’ real-time various physiological information and cloud auxiliary information without looking up. Doctors need a lot of information to remind them during the operation. Medical records and disease-related information entry computer through smart glasses, all reports are superimposed on the images during the operation, and can also be remotely supported by other physicians through instant messaging.

        The first-aid personnel on the ambulance wear glasses to spread the first view of the patient and the injured person, the professionals guide the emergency personnel to take correct first-aid methods for the patient and the injured person, guide the correct transportation of the injured and patient person, meanwhile help the hospital to prepare the treatment plan in time. The solution is also promoted to the ambulance and security assurance of sports events.


Smart glasses Application scenarios 7: Audio & Video Entertainment anytime and anywhere

        Smart glasses have powerful display technology, enabling users to enjoy a cinema-like viewing experience every time when they wear smart glasses. In addition to the high-contrast sharpness effect, high-brightness and high-reduction delicate images, it also has a wide field of view. When wearing the glasses, the wearer can have a super-large screen viewing effect equivalent to 80 inch within 5 meters. It also supports 3D format play and 360-degree movie play. With smart glasses, you can experience the content of the screen in an immersive way, as if you are in a movie environment. At the same time, the binocular perspective technology ensures that the surrounding environment can still be seen during the wearing process, making the mobile experience possible. Even in the subway on the way to work, or in the airport lounge, we can still enjoy the shock and fun of the personal theater anytime & anywhere. This unconstrained self-entertainment is the magical change that smart glasses bring to people's lifestyles.

Smart glasses Application scenarios 8: Law enforcement by Military and Police

        Smart glasses with face recognition and vehicle license plate recognition technology, huge information base, language system, etc., can help security personnel to identify suspicious characters understand dialect foreign languages, timely call archival information and police deployment, etc.. Combining covert cameras with smart glasses will make crime detection and real-time forensics easier and more convenient.


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